Asian American Business Owners Share Firsthand Experiences of Barriers Faced in Contracting

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The Asian American Justice Center (AAJC) and the Asian American Institute (AAI) released a collection of compelling stories from Asian American business owners, “Overlooked: The Asian American Contractor Experience.”



These real-life testimonies reveal startling inequalities experienced by Asian Americans in private and government contracting in the industries of construction, architecture, engineering and technology across the country. The testimonies range from experiences of racism to examples of obstructions to entry, such as language and cultural barriers and lack of access to capital and financial resources.


Practices excluding Asian Americans from competing are exacerbated in states like California, Washington and Michigan that have banned or are seeking to ban affirmative action programs. There is a continuing need for legal mandates to prioritize diversity initiatives at all levels of the contracting process.


“Overlooked: The Asian American Contractor Experience” provides advocates and law makers a context of the widespread discrimination that still exists for Asian Americans access to government contracting. The collection also features ideas for improving the government contracting process for minorities.


To download a copy of the report, visit here.


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