Asian American Pacific Islander Democratic Caucus hosts mock caucus to garner more engagement during 2020 election season

Article Source: 8 News Now
Original Post Date: January 13, 2020

With the Nevada Caucus quickly approaching next month, numerous political groups are stepping it up in hopes of engaging voters across the state. That’s why the Asian American Pacific Islander Democratic Caucus hosted a mock caucus Monday night at the Divine Dosa and Biryani India restaurant.

It was the first time the Asian arm of the Nevada Democratic Party hosted such an event. Kris Parikh, the owner of Divine Dosa and Biryani, knows that, just as cooking is a team effort, so is making a difference at the ballot box.

“Get everyone involved, and make Nevada stronger,” Parikh said.

Parikh is one of the thousands of Asian Americans in Las Vegas, and he’s ready to make his voice heard in 2020.

“There has to be a community outreach from the right people, and then someone like me has to get involved,” Parikh said.

The Asian American Pacific Islander Democratic Caucus of Nevada held the mock caucus to teach the community about the process.

“The conversation is changing,” according to Radhika Kunnel,
Asian American Pacific Islander Democratic Caucus of Nevada.

Kunnel, with the AAPIDC, says Asians usually shy away from politics, but with them making up around 10 percent of Nevada’s population, their involvement could tip the scales.

“If we want our issues to be represented, if we want our children and our grandchildren to be heard, and we want their issues to be represented, this is the time to talk,” Kunnel said.

“You want to matter as a community,” said Sonny Vinuya, the president of the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce.

Asian leadership across the valley says, regardless of a political party, education is key.

“There is still a big part of Asians that do not go out to vote, and a lot of it is probably because they don’t know the process,” said Vinuya.

Parikh says the right knowledge leads to the power to participate.