• Hundreds of People are Volunteering to Escort Elderly Asian Americans to Help Keep Them Safe

    Jacob Azevedo’s stomach turned as he watched a disturbing video of an 84-year-old Thai American man who was fatally shoved to the ground on a sidewalk in San Francisco. It was the second video of an unprovoked attack on an elderly Asian American that Azevedo, a resident of Oakland, had seen on social media out […]

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  • The US Is Seeing a Massive Spike in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

    Last week, actors Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Wu announced that they were offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who could help identify the person who was caught on camera shoving a 91-year-old man in Oakland’s Chinatown. The attack came amid a sudden and massive rise in the number of hate crimes against Asian Americans […]

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  • Biden Promotes Racial Equity for Asian Americans in Wake of Trump’s Anti-China Talk

    President Biden will take action Tuesday to disavow another aspect of his predecessor’s legacy — racial animus toward Asian Americans, which rose sharply during a pandemic that President Trump blamed on “the China virus.” Biden’s executive order, one of four addressing racial equity that he will sign at the White House in the afternoon, will provide the […]

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  • Asian American leaders back Bonta for California Attorney General

    Asian American and Pacific Islander leaders on Wednesday urged California Governor Gavin Newsom to appoint Assemblymember Rob Bonta to State Attorney General when the position currently held by Xavier Becerra becomes open. Becerra is President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services and is expected to be confirmed by the Senate, […]

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  • Asian-Americans on the Racism the Coronavirus Pandemic Unleashed, and their Identity

    Ken Lum, a Canadian-Chinese artist, has written a letter to his late mother in which he apologises for the contempt he felt as a child in Vancouver for his Chinese roots and her cultural practices. “I so regret kicking up such a fuss whenever you wanted to go and see a Chinese opera in Chinatown. […]

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  • Asian American and Pacific Islanders are ready to lead

    When I was first elected to the state Assembly more than a decade ago, I had never held public office, yet I knew in my heart I could lead. As a physician, I knew I had a unique perspective to offer and could bring my experience in health care to bear in policymaking to help […]

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  • Racism Targets Asian Food, Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

    As the coronavirus spread throughout the U.S., bigotry toward Asian Americans was not far behind, fueled by the news that COVID-19 first appeared in China. Some initial evidence suggested the virus began in bats, which infected another animal that may have spread it to people at one of Wuhan, China’s “wet markets.” Such markets sell […]

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  • CSU undergrads must take an ethnic studies or social justice class starting in 2023

    In the first major change to general education across its system in decades, all 430,000 undergraduates attending Cal State universities must take an ethnic studies or social justice course, a requirement approved by CSU trustees Wednesday following a fierce two-day debate that left some longtime social activists in the awkward position of voting “no.” The […]

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  • The 23-year-old major winner who’s made breaking records a habit

    As the PGA Championship entered its final day on Sunday and, at one point, six players shared the lead, all attention was on the usual suspects: Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose. But it was a 23-year-old from Los Angeles, California, who separated himself from all the big hitters to claim his first major at just the second time of […]

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