• Asian-American Students Have Highest Amount of Unmet Need

    According to recently released data from the U.S. Department of Education, Asian-American students have the greatest amount of unmet need—the gap between the cost of college and what students must pay—among any racial/ethnic group, regardless of income and type of institution attended. This further illuminates how the Asian “model minority” myth is damaging to the success […]

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  • Asian-Americans Sue New York City Over School Desegregation Plan

    A GROUP OF Asian-American parents, civil rights groups and a parent teacher organization are attempting to block changes to the admissions process for New York City’s competitive entrance exam schools that would make the schools more racially diverse. The group filed a federal lawsuit in Manhattan on Thursday against New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and Richard […]

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  • DOJ sides with Asian-American students in affirmative action suit against Harvard University

    The Department of Justice sided with Asian-American students and their families Thursday in a lawsuit alleging that Harvard University discriminates based on race in its admissions process. The case, Students For Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President And Fellows Of Harvard College, was brought to the District Court in Massachusetts by students and parents who believe that the prestigious […]

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  • Applying to Harvard as an Asian-American

    To the Editor: Re “Harvard Rates Asian-Americans as Less Likable, Plaintiffs Claim” (front page, June 16): I think I can speak for all college admissions consultants when I say that none of us were shocked by the recently released Harvard investigation, included in court documents, revealing that the university rated Asian-American applicants consistently lower on […]

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  • Asian-Americans rejected by Harvard need to resist the anti-affirmative action narrative

    There is a story about race-based college admissions that holds particular sway over Asian-American students like I once was — my father wrote away for my Harvard application before I was out of diapers. It’s backed up by some cherry-picked data and a conservative activist group that wants to end all affirmative action, and it […]

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  • Nets launch Chinese language web site

    With the NBA’s only Chinese-American player —and a growing Chinese and Chinese-American population in Brooklyn— it was only a matter of time before the Nets set up a Chinese language website. And on Sunday, it went live. It was announced by Elisa Padilla, the Nets chief marketing officer. The site appears to mirror the Nets […]

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  • UMD Asian American Student Union calls for solidarity at post-election town hall

    As a member of the black and Latinx communities, University of Maryland junior Alexis Ojeda-Brown wanted to see more solidarity among minorities after the presidential election. “In order to heal, we need to come together and understand what other people of color are going through,” said Ojeda-Brown, an history and English major. “By doing that, […]

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  • Album Brings Artists, Activists Together to Get Asian Americans to the Polls

    Although Asian Americans have been reported to be one of the fastest growing racial groups in the U.S., voter participation and turnout among the community continues to be lower than any other demographic group — something that dozens of artists across the country are hoping to change through music. “Voices of Our Vote: #MyAAPIVote Album,” […]

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  • More Chinese Students Seeking US Community College Degrees

    Wealthy Chinese undergraduates aren’t the only ones looking to get a college degree in the U.S. So are a growing number of Chinese students from lower middle-class families who are enrolling in community colleges. The Los Angeles Times reports ( http://lat.ms/1Izy7sq ) that while thousands of Chinese students from affluent families enroll in U.S. colleges […]

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