Make sure your community gets the resources it deserves for the next 10 years The census is a once in a decade population count of everyone in the United States. It is written in our Constitution and one of the pillars of our democracy. Census data is used to allocate more than $675 billion dollars […]

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    At the end of 2018, I looked back on my favorite first-time reads for the year was struck by something interesting. Four out of seven of them were written by authors of Asian descent: Elif Batuman (The Idiot), Aja Gabel (The Ensemble), Kazuo Ishiguro (Never Let Me Go), and Weike Wang (Chemistry).  Although I’m Asian […]

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  • McDonald’s Pledges $500,000 to its First Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship

    McDonald’s has committed $500,000 to its first scholarship program dedicated to Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) students. In collaboration with the APIA Scholarship program, 15 four-year scholarships and 40 one-year scholarships will be awarded to rising college freshman through APIA Scholars this Spring. The program will place higher emphasis on first-generation college students with significant […]

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  • PCC Trustee Linda Wah Named President of Statewide Board

    Linda Wah says she’s honored to serve as the president of the California Community College Trustees (CCCT), and will continue the initiatives to ensure that students have access to high-quality education By SouthPasadenan.com -May 7, 2019 Linda S. Wah, a longtime Pasadena City College trustee representing South Pasadena among other cities, has been named president of the […]

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  • Harvard’s Admitted Class Has Record Share of Asian Americans

    Gains have been steady over a decade, but increase is large this year as federal judge considers lawsuit over affirmative action. By  Scott Jaschik April 1, 2019 Last fall, a federal judge in Massachusetts heard arguments in a lawsuit charging that Harvard University‘s admissions practices — in particular its consideration of race in admissions — discriminate against […]

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  • For an Asian-American Family, the Cost of Education

    The college admission scandal and a lawsuit charging admissions discrimination at Harvard have special resonance for families like mine, where parents sacrifice so much for their children’s opportunities.CreditPing Zhu By Jingjing Xiao My parents bought a foreclosed farmhouse during the 2008 recession. For a decade afterward, we made hourlong weekly trips from Kentucky, where we lived, […]

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  • Asian-American Students Have Highest Amount of Unmet Need

    According to recently released data from the U.S. Department of Education, Asian-American students have the greatest amount of unmet need—the gap between the cost of college and what students must pay—among any racial/ethnic group, regardless of income and type of institution attended. This further illuminates how the Asian “model minority” myth is damaging to the success […]

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  • Asian-Americans Sue New York City Over School Desegregation Plan

    A GROUP OF Asian-American parents, civil rights groups and a parent teacher organization are attempting to block changes to the admissions process for New York City’s competitive entrance exam schools that would make the schools more racially diverse. The group filed a federal lawsuit in Manhattan on Thursday against New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and Richard […]

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  • DOJ sides with Asian-American students in affirmative action suit against Harvard University

    The Department of Justice sided with Asian-American students and their families Thursday in a lawsuit alleging that Harvard University discriminates based on race in its admissions process. The case, Students For Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President And Fellows Of Harvard College, was brought to the District Court in Massachusetts by students and parents who believe that the prestigious […]

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  • Applying to Harvard as an Asian-American

    To the Editor: Re “Harvard Rates Asian-Americans as Less Likable, Plaintiffs Claim” (front page, June 16): I think I can speak for all college admissions consultants when I say that none of us were shocked by the recently released Harvard investigation, included in court documents, revealing that the university rated Asian-American applicants consistently lower on […]

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