• Texas is third in hate incidents against Asian Americans amid coronavirus, group says

    Asian Americans are among the doctors and nurses saving our lives. Yet they also endure the worst abuse. Texas is the No. 3 state for hate incidents against Asian Americans, according to recent numbers from a California-based advocacy council. A recent attack on a Burmese family in Midland is being investigated as a hate crime. And the president […]

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    The grassroots campaign raises funds for businesses in New York’s Chinatowns and fights coronavirus-related racism. A local activist hopes to bring it here. Back in February, Mayor Jim Kenney sat down for lunch in Chinatown. Though Covid-19 had yet to slam the city, news of the virus abroad was already driving customers away from Asian-American eateries. […]

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  • Asian American Doctor On Experiencing Racism During The Coronavirus Pandemic, Feeling ‘Powerless’ In Helping Patients

    Discrimination against Asian Americans has surged in the United States. Since mid-March, the Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council says they’ve received more than 1,100 reports of coronavirus discrimination. While President Trump and allies have called the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus,” reports have recently surfaced regarding a key Republican strategy come November: Point the finger […]

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  • Senate Democrats call for federal action on anti-Asian coronavirus racism

    “There has not been a concerted effort from federal agencies to prevent and address anti-Asian sentiment related to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the senators wrote. A dozen Senate Democrats on Friday called on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to take “robust” action against the uptick in anti-Asian sentiment and attacks since the COVID-19 pandemic began. […]

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    Make sure your community gets the resources it deserves for the next 10 years The census is a once in a decade population count of everyone in the United States. It is written in our Constitution and one of the pillars of our democracy. Census data is used to allocate more than $675 billion dollars […]

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  • Woman Targeted In ‘Anti-Asian’ Attack On Bus, Accused Of Creating Coronavirus: NYPD

    Asian Americans have reported an increase in hate crimes and discrimination since the start of the pandemic. Three teen girls were charged with hate crimes after police say they attacked a woman on a bus in New York City, made “anti-Asian” statements about her and accused her of causing the coronavirus pandemic. The 51-year-old victim […]

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  • 2 Struggling Korean Restaurants Robbed of $6,300 in Cash in Los Angeles

    The LAPD is looking for three men who ransacked and stole cash from two Korean restaurants that were open for business Monday night. The suspects distracted employees and got away with $3,500 in cash from Chef Kang Sul Box and $2,800 from Shuto, according to CBS Los Angeles. They also took car keys, credit cards, checks […]

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  • Dr. Robert K. Ross, California Endowment Blog – Covid19 and Race

    Our 10-year, billion-dollar sojourn into Building Healthy Communities (BHC) taught our foundation a great deal — with community leaders, grantee-partners, and young people as our Professors-in-Residence.  We learned early on that one’s zip code should not determine one’s health destiny – but in America, it does.  We learned that power, voice, and agency at the […]

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  • Around 100 Attacks on Asian Americans Occur Every Day Due to Coronavirus Fears, Says Rep. Judy Chu

    Incidents of racist and xenophobic attacks against Asian Americans have surged as cases of COVID-19 escalate in the U.S., which became the new epicenter of the global outbreak last week. As of this writing, the U.S. tops the rest of the world with more than 203,000 cases, followed by Italy (110,574), Spain (102,136), China (82,361) and Germany […]

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