• ‘I am an American, too’: Violence sparks new grief, reckoning for Asian Americans

    A barrage of attacks on Asian Americans, reported to be fueled in part by biases pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic, have filled communities around the country with fear and rage. But they have also exposed old wounds as advocates implore their fellow Americans to see and hear what they call a long-standing plight of invisibility. “Our people are getting […]

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  • 12 Asian-American Founders On Why The Beauty Industry Needs To Take A Stand Against Asian Hate

    Over the course of the last year, as Covid-19 has raged across the United States, an outbreak of different variety has plagued every corner of the country as well. While the pandemic has spared no one from its devastating effects on the economy, public health, and day-t0-day life, the Asian-American community has also experienced 12 […]

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  • Re-imaging Safety, Belonging, and Justice in the Wake of Anti-Asian Violence

    As fears about the coronavirus increased in early 2020, Asian Americans began to sound the alarm about a rise in anti-Asian violence. Yet it took more recent shocking video footage of elderly Asian Americans being callously pushed to the ground—in one case fatally—to capture the nation’s attention. The videos unified Americans who expressed outrage toward perpetrators who were […]

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  • The Muddled History of Asian Violence

    It’s difficult to describe anti-Asian racism when society lacks a coherent historical account of what it actually looks like. Photograph from SOPA / Alamy On the evening of April 28, 1997, Kuan Chung Kao, a thirty-three-year-old Taiwan-born engineer, went to the Cotati Yacht Club near Rohnert Park, a quiet suburb in Sonoma County, California, where […]

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  • Attacks on Asian Americans During Pandemic Renew Criticism that U.S. Undercounts Hate Crimes

    A spate of high-profile assaults on Asian Americans has renewed long-standing criticism from Democrats and civil rights groups that the U.S. government is vastly undercounting hate crimes, a problem that they say has grown more acute amid rising white nationalism and deepening racial strife. The attacks — including several in Northern California over the past month that […]

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  • Anger and Fear as Asian American Seniors Targeted in Bay Area Attacks

    Business and civil rights groups in California are demanding action after a recent surge of xenophobic violence against Asian Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area left one person dead and others badly injured. The brazen, mostly daylight assaults have rattled nerves in communities ahead of Friday’s Lunar New Year holiday. Just last week in […]

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  • Hundreds of People are Volunteering to Escort Elderly Asian Americans to Help Keep Them Safe

    Jacob Azevedo’s stomach turned as he watched a disturbing video of an 84-year-old Thai American man who was fatally shoved to the ground on a sidewalk in San Francisco. It was the second video of an unprovoked attack on an elderly Asian American that Azevedo, a resident of Oakland, had seen on social media out […]

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  • Biden Promotes Racial Equity for Asian Americans in Wake of Trump’s Anti-China Talk

    President Biden will take action Tuesday to disavow another aspect of his predecessor’s legacy — racial animus toward Asian Americans, which rose sharply during a pandemic that President Trump blamed on “the China virus.” Biden’s executive order, one of four addressing racial equity that he will sign at the White House in the afternoon, will provide the […]

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  • Why Koreans Pointed Out Two ‘Joes’ at Inauguration

    Photos of David Cho, a Korean American Secret Service agent reported to have been chosen to run President Joe Biden’s protective detail, as he stood behind the president at the inauguration quickly went viral among the Korean community Wednesday. Cho, who would be the first Asian American special agent in charge of the president’s detail, had […]

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  • Kamala Harris’ historic inauguration fills America’s South Asian community with pride

    For many members of the country’s South Asian population, Kamala Harris’ historic inauguration was a major turning point in their community’s place in America’s story. Harris, the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, has never been shy speaking about her Asian heritage throughout her career. As she took the oath of office Wednesday, South Asian Americans young […]

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