• People Who Trust Trump Are More Likely To Discriminate Against Asians: Study

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans who have greater trust in President  Donald Trump are more likely to engage in discriminatory behavior against Asian Americans, according to a new study. The researchers ― who looked at the opinions of more than 1,140 adults living across the U.S. of both major political affiliations ― also found that […]

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  • These groups are helping Asian American immigrant voters with mail-in voting

    Chuck Park has been busy fielding calls from Korean- and Mandarin-speaking eligible voters at a nonprofit in the New York City borough of Queens. Callers are trying to understand how to register to vote and apply for absentee ballots, typically available in New York to those who are temporarily ill or out of the county on Election […]

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  • NYPD creates Asian Hate Crime Task Force after spike in anti-Asian attacks during Covid-19 pandemic

    The New York Police Department announced the creation of an Asian Hate Crime Task Force after an increase in racist attacks against Asian Americans during the Covid-19 pandemic, Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison told reporters Tuesday. Since March 21, there have been 21 reported anti-Asian hate crimes that have resulted in 17 arrests, according to […]

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  • Young Asian American DNC delegates aim to get out the vote, increase party representation

    “As an Asian American, Chinese American, Laotian American, Southeast Asian with a refugee background — these aren’t really identities that are talked about,” one delegate said. Like most high school seniors this year, Victor Shi spent much of his time applying to colleges. But Shi, 18, was also focused on completing another important mission, one […]

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  • Asian American voters could make a difference in 2020

    Asian Americans — relatively affluent, well-educated, entrepreneurial — voted heavily Republican. That was for George H.W. Bush 28 years ago. For Republicans, it has been all downhill since. The fastest growing sector of the American electorate, the number of eligible Asian American voters has more than doubled since 2000. They will vote overwhelmingly for Joe Biden and […]

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  • Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s pick for vice president

    Joe Biden has named his onetime rival Kamala Harris as his running mate, the campaign revealed on Tuesday, elevating California’s junior senator as the first woman of color to appear on a major party’s presidential ticket.  Harris, who centered her unsuccessful White House bid last year on a promise to “prosecute the case” against President […]

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  • I’m Asian American. The pandemic showed me why black people feel so unsafe.

    When the coronavirus started spreading across the United States, triggering a surge in anti-Asian hate crimes, I began feeling uncharacteristically anxious. As a Korean American, I was used to microaggressions — being complimented on my English (though I was born and raised in the States), being asked where I really came from — but this felt different. For the first time […]

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  • Asian Americans Face Disproportionate Economic Insecurity Amid Pandemic, And Racism Plays A Role

    UCLA economist Paul Ong had heard about Asian American businesses dealing with discrimination and harrassment from customers since the early days of the pandemic. He’d watched President Donald Trump call COVID-19 the “China virus” and “kung flu.” “That affected people’s perspective. So what we started seeing is people harassing Asians….blaming them for the pandemic,” Ong […]

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  • New Book by Maeley Tom: ‘An Asian American Woman’s Political Journey’

    Fascinating, brutally honest, and hard to put down! Even if you don’t know Maeley, the inspiration and insights are remarkable! DALE MINAMI Amazon this week released a new book by CAPA21 leader Maeley Tom titled “I’m Not Who You Think I Am: An Asian American Woman’s Political Journey.” Buy your copy today! This book is both a […]

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