• Asian Americans call out Republicans who opposed anti-racism measure

    Asian American personalities are calling out 164 Republican members of Congress who voted against a resolution denouncing hate incidents toward Asian Americans during the pandemic. The House passed the legislation, introduced by Rep Grace Meng, D-N.Y., on Sept. 17 in a 243-164 vote, with all 164 nays coming from Republicans. Only 14 GOP members of the […]

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  • ‘Mulan’ 1998: A Moment of Joy and Anxiety for Asian-American Viewers

    Though the original Disney movie was culturally significant, it came out in a film era when people of color were routinely tokenized. Disney’s new live-action “Mulan” is coming at a time when the entertainment world is still feeling tremors from the success of “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Parasite.” It was a very different landscape when […]

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  • At Ally Maki’s Asian American Girl Club, All Are Welcome

    Long before Ally Maki appeared in movies and TV shows like Toy Story 4, Cloak & Dagger, and Wrecked, the Japanese American actress was hitting the club. And no, not the high heels, music-blaring, vodka cran kind of club, but actual extracurriculars. “When I was younger, I was totally the club girl, and not the club girl who’s going to the […]

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  • America’s long history of scapegoating its Asian citizens

    Danny Satow was walking home from a stroll around her neighborhood in Federal Way, a suburb just south of Seattle, when a heavy object slammed into her chest. A car whizzed by and a disembodied voice yelled a racial slur against Chinese people. The car melted into the rush of traffic, and Danny leaned over to […]

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  • The role of Andrew Yang as an Asian-American representative

    On Oct. 15, I attended the Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium sponsored talk featuring Kenan Thompson, the longest-running Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member. Although the night was mostly filled with laughs, during the question-and-answer section, one student addressed the recent SNL controversy surrounding Shane Gillis.  Gillis was set to join the SNL cast for Season […]

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    The five-part documentary series will air in time for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Character Media reports that PBS is releasing a five-part documentary series titled Asian Americans next year. In time for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May 2020, the series is produced by Renee Tajima-Peñ (Who Killed Vincent Chin?) with a team of Asian American filmmakers. […]

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  • Australian Prime Minister Greets Korean Voter With ‘Ni Hao’

    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently chatted with constituents ahead of the country’s upcoming election in May. Morrison, who’s seeking reelection, greeted a Korean voter with “Ni Hao,” or “hello” in Mandarin.  The constituent was quick to correct him, telling Morrison, “No, no, I’m Korean.” The moment was pretty *cringe*. Needless to say, Asians on […]

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  • 9 Asian And Asian-American Trendsetters Changing The Fashion Game

    Asians are transforming the fashion industry. (Illustration by Kell Kitsch, Deakin University) It’s about time that we see more Asian representation in fashion. With big names like the Hadid sisters and the Kardashians dominating the scene in recent years, it’s been hard to see through the madness and into the diversity that lies in the industry. […]

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  • Why Jeremy Lin took an interest in producing video

    As Jeremy Lin sees it, there’s a certain responsibility that comes with being the most recognizable Asian-American in the NBA. There’s an entire section of the population that has fallen in love with him and basketball because of the success that he’s obtained, especially after those incredible few months of ‘Linsanity’ while he played for […]

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