Dr. MLK inspires Asian American community leaders and youth in Philadelphia

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Posted on January 21, 2013

Source: 1Love Movement
Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Action: Building Leadership, Pride and Heart in Asian American Communities

Organized by 1 Love Movement, BPSOS-Delaware Valley, Asian Americans United, Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia, Providence Youth Student Movement, Family Unity Network & Asian Student Association of Philadelphia

We recognize that we are being left behind and left out of decisions that affect our livelihood and our futures. Asian American movements in Philly have been born in response to crises in our education, deportation, prison and health systems. We’ve witnessed Asian immigrant students boycott South Philly High to protest unequal protection of their rights, Southeast Asian families organize and protest against a system of deportation and incarceration that breaks families apart, and communities stand up against police harassment and abuse of power in their homes, on their blocks, and in their neighborhoods.

To honor this Martin Luther King Day, Asian American leaders and organizers joined together to bring our campaign INSIDE our community. We defined, trained and strengthened an intergenerational and united rising leadership of Asian Americans in Philly. Together we learned lessons from Asian American movement history and developed our political knowledge of issues that affect us, so we can build strategy to move forward in this long haul fight for justice and dignity.

Then we marched and rallied for Community LOVE and Power with our sisters and brothers from many struggles. While injustice leads us into paths of hate, division and isolation the people of Philadelphia are building our power through unity and love. Throughout the years we have honored the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by standing together for our rights as people to all the things we need to live our lives with dignity.