Article Source: Medium
Original Post Date: January 22, 2021

Roving Band of White Supremacists Trashed the Nation’s Capital
— A Fitting End to a Presidency Built on Racism, Lies, Violence and Death

The inauguration of President Barack Obama, January 20th 2009. Unrecognizable crowds in the Washington Mall.

Whatever party you’re affiliated with, or even if you’re not affiliated with any political party, as long as you’re an American you must feel a big sigh of relief that Joe Biden is now our President.

The damage that Trump has done is immeasurable and devasting. The virus which Trump said would miraculously disappear and may be eradicated by sunlight or injecting disinfectant, has killed more than 400,000 Americans. Trump down-played the risks, did nothing to mobilize a national plan, botched the testing and vaccinations, left states to their own devices and politicized and demonized the best defense – simply wearing a mask.

Even more devasting, the racial tension and violence that Trump unleashed has polarized our country to the point of anarchy. The coup attempt by his white supremacist shock-troopers was as predictable as it was inevitable. This was just the latest in a long history of racist acts. Trump has made his position clear going all the way back to discriminatory housing practices employed by him and his father. In 4 years, Trump has so bitterly divided our country it may take generations to undo the damage.

Decent Americans must rally behind President Biden and heal our nation together. The great American experiment brought people together of all races to live together, thrive together and build lives together.  

Trump has put this experiment to the test, as the true devastation that Trump has done to America will unfold in the next days and months. We simply don’t know all of the problems he has caused, particularly in foreign affairs and national security. We can only imagine the consequences of his delay in the transition and lack of a peaceful and forthright transfer of power.

Thankfully, our President Biden has already and immediately taken steps to bring our country together and implement common sense solutions to tackle our most pressing issues. He has already taken action on getting Americans vaccinated and is implementing a national strategy to deal with the pandemic.

When we saw President Biden and Vice President Harris take center stage and be sworn into office, we saw America as it should be. When we watched the inaugural celebration, we saw America as it could be.  Hopeful. Inclusive. Diverse.

Four years ago, when Trump was sworn in we saw a very different America. It was striking insomuch as it looked like a propaganda piece for the Aryan Nation. Trump’s obsession with looks is well documented. He constantly refers to his height, and even lusts after his own daughter, Ivanka. His preoccupation with looking and playing the part of strong-man belies deep insecurities and profound narcissism, evidenced by the dozens of women who have accused him of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Trump epitomizes the Ugly American – a stereotype depicting American citizens as exhibiting loud, arrogant, demeaning, thoughtless, ignorant, and ethnocentric behavior, mainly abroad. Trump personifies the “Ugly American.”

When President Biden and Vice President Harris took center stage, the world could not have seen a sharper contrast. The entire inaugural celebration showcased the beauty, talent, diversity, inclusion, energy and spirit of what truly makes America great. The whole world saw the greatness of America on full display.

We saw a glimpse of an America that makes us all proud once again to be Americans. It was as beautiful as it was inspiring. Poet laureate Amanda Gorman said it best: “we are striving to forge our union with purpose, to compose a country committed to all cultures, colors, characters and conditions of man. We close the divide, because we know to put our future first, we must first put our differences aside.”

Let’s show the world that we are not the “Ugly American.” Put our differences aside and demonstrate the “American Experiment” is alive and well and under new leadership. There is a new Commander-and-Chief and President Biden and Vice President Harris represents what truly makes America great.