Survey shows Asian ‘two Californias,’ with one in four struggling with poverty

Article Source: Sacramento Bee
Original Post Date: November 15, 2019

A new study reveals that, contrary to the stereotype, almost one in four Asian and Pacific Islanders in California is struggling with poverty even though they have jobs.

The results of the survey were released Monday and were conducted jointly by AAPI Data, an organization researching and collecting data concerning the Asian American and Pacific Islander population in the U.S.,and the Public Religion Research Institute, a nonpartisan research and education organization.

The results, released Monday, from a survey of 2,684 residents in California found that 23 percent of Asian and Pacific Islanders are working but struggling with poverty. Federal data show that the overall poverty rate among Asians was just 12 percent, marking a “narrowing of the white-Asian gap”, according to a 2016 report by the Pew Research Center.TOP

“Although statistical averages show that AAPIs as a whole exhibit relatively high levels of employment and earning power, this report reveals significant areas of concern,” the report’s executive summary states. “Like for the rest of the population, we find a state of ‘two Californias’ among AAPIs – one where some AAPI workers report a great deal of financial stability and one in which other AAPI workers report significant financial insecurity and struggle.”