• Biden Promotes Racial Equity for Asian Americans in Wake of Trump’s Anti-China Talk

    President Biden will take action Tuesday to disavow another aspect of his predecessor’s legacy — racial animus toward Asian Americans, which rose sharply during a pandemic that President Trump blamed on “the China virus.” Biden’s executive order, one of four addressing racial equity that he will sign at the White House in the afternoon, will provide the […]

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  • Why Koreans Pointed Out Two ‘Joes’ at Inauguration

    Photos of David Cho, a Korean American Secret Service agent reported to have been chosen to run President Joe Biden’s protective detail, as he stood behind the president at the inauguration quickly went viral among the Korean community Wednesday. Cho, who would be the first Asian American special agent in charge of the president’s detail, had […]

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  • ‘Boogie’ Trailer Tells Story of Asian-American Basketball Star Growing Up in Queens

    Over the past two to three decades, basketball’s popularity has grown throughout the world as the sport penetrates other cultures. Prior to 2000, we didn’t see many Asian players in the NBA, let alone emerge as high school phenoms who could potentially play in the league. That’s the premise of the upcoming film Boogie, which follows […]

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  • ‘Over the Moon’ Turns Chinese Legend into a Musical Animated Feature

    “Over the Moon,” the Netflix follow-up to Pearl Studio’s  “Abominable,” continues the studio’s drive to present Asian stories in contemporary formats accessible to global audiences. It may be the first wide-release musical film to solely feature Asian American talent.  It spotlights the Chinese legend of Chang’e, the moon goddess who was banished there after denying a villain […]

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  • Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire’ Is a Celebration of Culture — Clad in Couture

    There’s a throwaway scene a couple episodes into Netflix’s new reality series, Bling Empire, where three of the cast members meet up to confer about recent events, while shopping for soup ingredients at a Chinese health food store. As the guys work their way through bins of deer antlers, sea cucumbers, and ginseng, they start trading jabs about […]

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  • Kamala Harris’ historic inauguration fills America’s South Asian community with pride

    For many members of the country’s South Asian population, Kamala Harris’ historic inauguration was a major turning point in their community’s place in America’s story. Harris, the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, has never been shy speaking about her Asian heritage throughout her career. As she took the oath of office Wednesday, South Asian Americans young […]

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  • AAPI Inaugural Ball: Harris makes America feel like home again

    Harris’ historic inauguration as VP was commemorated in a virtual ceremony featuring dozens of Asian American and Pacific Islander celebrities, lawmakers and organizers. Asian American celebrities, lawmakers and organizers gathered virtually Tuesday night at the AAPI Inaugural Ball to celebrate the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Among the dozens of speakers were Harris […]

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  • How ancestral village of Kamala Harris is celebrating inauguration

    Thulasendrapuram, a leafy village about 200 miles south of the city of Chennai, is where Harris’s maternal grandfather was born more than a century ago. THULASENDRAPURAM, India – Residents of the ancestral Indian village of Kamala Harris celebrated her inauguration as U.S. vice president on Wednesday by setting off firecrackers and distributing food. Thulasendrapuram, a […]

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  • Kamala Harris becomes first Black person, first Asian American sworn in as US Vice-President

    Kamala Harris has been sworn in as the US Vice-President, becoming the first woman, the first Black person and the first Asian American to hold the office. Looking ahead, Ms Harris, 56, is seen as an obvious contender for the Democratic Party’s 2024 presidential nomination should Mr Biden, 78, decide not to seek a second […]

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  • Fermenting My Asian American Identity

    My partner asks me what’s for dinner. I shrug. Something Korean. Since the pandemic arrived in Oregon ten months ago, our dinner has been a home-cooked Korean meal more often than not. My palate seeks little variation. Our fridge is stocked with banchan like dubu jjim and hobak buchim, while my go-to main dishes include […]

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