• Asian American Communities Grapple with Whether Police are the Right Answer to Recent Attacks

    If one thing was made clear last year, it’s that American policing is a deeply flawed institution. Protests over racism and the police killings of Black Americans have fueled efforts to shift funding away from law enforcement and toward social services like mental health care and education. Cities across the country are now grappling with what the function […]

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  • Racism Targets Asian Food, Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

    As the coronavirus spread throughout the U.S., bigotry toward Asian Americans was not far behind, fueled by the news that COVID-19 first appeared in China. Some initial evidence suggested the virus began in bats, which infected another animal that may have spread it to people at one of Wuhan, China’s “wet markets.” Such markets sell […]

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  • COVID-19 and Advancing Asian American Recovery

    The experiences of Asian Americans in the United States have been marked by a basic contradiction.1 At 20 million strong—nearly 6 percent of the US population—they are a powerful economic force: nearly two million Asian American–owned small businesses generate $700 billion in annual GDP and employ around 3.5 million people.2 Asian Americans have been part of the country’s […]

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  • The invisible struggle of the Asian American small-business owner

    Roy Kim knew back in December that something had changed. The operating manager of Dong Il Jang, the 41-year-old restaurant in Los Angeles’s Koreatown neighborhood and one of the city’s longest-running Korean restaurants, was noticing declining clientele, beginning with their Chinese regulars. The profits he’d expected the business to make during the Christmas rush never materialized, […]

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  • ‘Overlooked’: Asian American Jobless Rate Surges But Few Take Notice

    The coronavirus pandemic is taking a heavy economic toll on Asian Americans. From Vietnamese nail salons to Cambodian donut shops, Asian-owned businesses have struggled. And Asian American workers have gone from having the lowest unemployment rate in the country to one of the highest. Jerry Raburn lost his job at a mortgage servicing company in […]

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  • Asian Americans Face Disproportionate Economic Insecurity Amid Pandemic, And Racism Plays A Role

    UCLA economist Paul Ong had heard about Asian American businesses dealing with discrimination and harrassment from customers since the early days of the pandemic. He’d watched President Donald Trump call COVID-19 the “China virus” and “kung flu.” “That affected people’s perspective. So what we started seeing is people harassing Asians….blaming them for the pandemic,” Ong […]

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  • Read about the Asian American screenplays that didn’t get produced

    The Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment and the Black List are listing the best unproduced scripts by and about Asian Americans. Tiffanie Hsu is one of 20 AAPI screenwriters spotlighted by the annual Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment List, which promotes some of the best unproduced scripts of the year. Hsu previously directed […]

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