• ‘We’re not taught to speak out’: Asian Americans find their voice amid rise in hate

    Natty Jumreornvong was outside Mount Sinai hospital on the Upper East Side of New York around 11am one morning in February when a man approached her. “Chinese virus,” he spat out. She told him she was a medical student and tried to walk away, but he followed her, kicked her knee and dragged her across […]

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  • Too Chinese for the US, too American for China. Where can Asian Americans like me call home?

    Last summer, a Chinese man approached me on a crowded Beijing street and asked me in Mandarin if I was Chinese American. It seemed innocent enough, as I was speaking English with expat friends. But after I nodded, he switched to English and bellowed “go back to where you f**king came from”. These stinging words […]

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  • Biden announces actions to stem violence against Asian Americans

    President Biden announced steps Tuesday to protect Asian Americans from discrimination and violent attacks, including establishing a Justice Department initiative to address a rising number of hate crimes. The announcement comes two weeks after shootings at Atlanta-area spas killed eight people, including six women of Asian descent, and as Biden has faced pressure from Asian […]

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  • Asian Americans Are Ready for a Hero

    Picture an athlete. Now a movie star. And now a politician. You probably pictured a White man. Or a Black or Latino person. I’m guessing you didn’t picture an Asian American. I know I usually don’t. And I’m an Asian-American television writer who thinks up imaginary people for a living. We Asian Americans don’t have […]

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  • ‘Is This Patriot Enough?’: Asian-American Veteran Reveals Scars as He Calls Out Bias

    As town meetings go, the discussion was fairly routine, meandering from what Memorial Day celebrations might look like in the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, to a federal grant application for bulletproof vests for police officers. But when the time came for the trustees in West Chester Township, Ohio, to deliver personal remarks at […]

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  • How Asian American Leaders Say The Biden Administration Can Address Hate

    Even before the deadly shootings at spas in the Atlanta area killed six women of Asian descent, President Biden had taken steps to address the recent surge of violence against Asians and Asian Americans by making forceful statements against hate and harassment, banning the federal government from employing the sort of “inflammatory and xenophobic” language […]

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  • SF School Board Member Said Asian Americans ‘Use White Supremacist Thinking’ to ‘Get Ahead’ in Old Tweets

    Derogatory tweets by the vice president of San Francisco’s Board of Education have recently resurfaced, prompting several San Franciscans to push for her resignation. Resurfaced Tweets: In a series of tweets from 2016, Vice President Alison Collins shared anti-Asian American sentiments, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Collins, who was elected to the San Francisco Unified School District Board in 2018, took […]

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  • Asian American Communities Grapple with Whether Police are the Right Answer to Recent Attacks

    If one thing was made clear last year, it’s that American policing is a deeply flawed institution. Protests over racism and the police killings of Black Americans have fueled efforts to shift funding away from law enforcement and toward social services like mental health care and education. Cities across the country are now grappling with what the function […]

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