• UCLA, where Korean is the hot language, goes beyond ‘dead white men’ in European studies

    UCLA senior Yumeng Zhuang fell in love with physics and philosophy as a high school student in her native China. That passion led her to Albert Einstein and Immanuel Kant — and then to a desire to study German so she could read their works as originally written. But her parents weren’t thrilled, pushing her […]

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  • Why One of the 1st Asian American YA Novels Still Resonates 30 Years Later

    Nearly 30 years after her debut novel, “Finding My Voice,” was published, Marie Myung-Ok Lee now realizes that she was using it to send a message to her high school classmates. “I kind of wrote this book for my bullies. A lot of them would make stupid, racist jokes and then say, ‘Oh, I’m just […]

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  • The Mental Health of Asian American Students

    When mental health activist Shivani Nishar was in middle school, she began experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Growing up in what she describes as the “white suburban fairytale” of Palo Alto, California, Nishar, whose parents immigrated to the United States from India, found it difficult to fit in. “I didn’t have a lot of […]

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    In raising my daughters, I have sought to find books with Asian American characters so that they can see themselves in the stories they read. I want them to have a different experience than I did, as I seldom saw Asians represented in literature or on the big screen. Already I’ve noticed a difference in […]

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  • The challenge of combating fake news in Asian American communities

    Less than a week after Election Day, a spreadsheet titled “Battling Asian American Misinformation” began circulating in progressive Asian American social media circles, primarily among those of Vietnamese and Chinese descent. The most popular YouTube channels flagged on the spreadsheet accumulated hundreds of thousands of subscribers, in which pundits discussed misleading claims about election fraud, Hunter Biden’s […]

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  • New stamps honor Japanese American vets, Chinese American physicist

    Three of the stamps the U.S. Postal Service will release next year will celebrate Asian American history and culture. Of over a dozen new stamps that will be issued next year, one will celebrate the Chinese American nuclear physicist Chien-Shiung Wu, and another will honor Japanese Americans who fought in World War II. The Postal […]

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  • Photographer Explores Asian American Identity In ‘Where We’re Really From’

    Photographer Eric Lee spent a large part of his childhood struggling to find his place as an Asian American — the constant to and fro between, he says, feeling “too Asian” and “not Asian enough” inspired him to visually deconstruct the complexities of his identity. In his multimedia project, “Where We’re Really From,” Lee explores what it’s […]

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  • How Kristi Yamaguchi is Improving Literacy for Pacific Islander and Latino Kids Amid the Pandemic

    Kristi Yamaguchi has been busy during the pandemic. The Olympic-figure-skater-turned-philanthropist has been adapting to California’s remote-learning mandate in both her nonprofit work and her personal life. Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation has been working to help increase the time kids spend reading during the coronavirus pandemic. The group provides tablets stocked with digital books, as well as internet access […]

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    The Asian American poetry scene is booming. Not only are Asian American poets publishing new collections, but in some cases they’re also publishing prose. (And anytime a poet writes prose, it’s something to pay attention to!) While there are nearly 50 countries in Asia, Asian Americans often get lumped together into one supposedly homogenous group. […]

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  • HBO Asian American short film series tackles nuanced cultural issues

    HBO’s Asian Pacific American Visionaries winners will premiere their work on Sept. 25 at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET as part of the virtual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. The three short films will be available to stream on HBO’s website. The winning pictures from APA creators — “Si” by Thomas Percy Kim, Tiffany So’s […]

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