• Anger and Fear as Asian American Seniors Targeted in Bay Area Attacks

    Business and civil rights groups in California are demanding action after a recent surge of xenophobic violence against Asian Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area left one person dead and others badly injured. The brazen, mostly daylight assaults have rattled nerves in communities ahead of Friday’s Lunar New Year holiday. Just last week in […]

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  • Asian-Americans on the Racism the Coronavirus Pandemic Unleashed, and their Identity

    Ken Lum, a Canadian-Chinese artist, has written a letter to his late mother in which he apologises for the contempt he felt as a child in Vancouver for his Chinese roots and her cultural practices. “I so regret kicking up such a fuss whenever you wanted to go and see a Chinese opera in Chinatown. […]

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  • The Mental Health of Asian American Students

    When mental health activist Shivani Nishar was in middle school, she began experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Growing up in what she describes as the “white suburban fairytale” of Palo Alto, California, Nishar, whose parents immigrated to the United States from India, found it difficult to fit in. “I didn’t have a lot of […]

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  • The Unexpected Toll Of Being Asian-American On Social Media During COVID-19

    Like everyone else, I charge my phone on my nightstand. Within minutes of waking, I reach for it and from the cozy warmth of my bed, I check my personal emails, respond to texts, look through my news alerts, dawdle over Instagram, and scroll through Facebook to see what’s been going on in my sphere […]

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  • COVID-19 and Advancing Asian American Recovery

    The experiences of Asian Americans in the United States have been marked by a basic contradiction.1 At 20 million strong—nearly 6 percent of the US population—they are a powerful economic force: nearly two million Asian American–owned small businesses generate $700 billion in annual GDP and employ around 3.5 million people.2 Asian Americans have been part of the country’s […]

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