• Amid Awakening, Asian-Americans Are Still Taking Shape as a Political Force

    When Mike Park first heard about the recent shootings in Atlanta, he felt angry and afraid. But almost immediately, he had another thought. “We can’t just sit back,” he said. “We can’t sit in our little enclave anymore.” Born in South Carolina to Korean immigrants, Mr. Park grew up wanting to escape his Asian identity. […]

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  • ‘Is This Patriot Enough?’: Asian-American Veteran Reveals Scars as He Calls Out Bias

    As town meetings go, the discussion was fairly routine, meandering from what Memorial Day celebrations might look like in the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, to a federal grant application for bulletproof vests for police officers. But when the time came for the trustees in West Chester Township, Ohio, to deliver personal remarks at […]

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  • An Asian American Family in O.C. was Being Harassed. Now their Neighbors Stand Guard

    Every night, the neighbors converge on the Si family’s two-story home, which has large windows and an expansive porch adorned with columns. Some sit in camping chairs in front of the driveway. Others keep watch from their cars or patrol the nearby parks. The Sis moved to this upscale Ladera Ranch neighborhood a few months […]

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  • Asian Americans Have Often Needed to ‘Prove’ Racism. Then Social Media Video Came Along.

    In Sacramento, California, last Friday, a high school Spanish teacher made a slant-eyed gesture during a Zoom class. “If their eyes went up, they’re Chinese. If they’re down, they’re Japanese,” she said in a video recorded by a student. “If they’re just straight, you don’t know.” Four months earlier, a U.S. marine threatened to shoot […]

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  • As Schools Reopen, Asian American Students are Missing from Classrooms

    It’s happening in well-to-do Pakistani households in the suburbs of Washington and among Chinese restaurant workers in Philadelphia. It’s happening among weary Filipino nurses in Queens, Hmong refugee families in Minneapolis and in Silicon Valley’s Asian American community. As school buildings start to reopen, Asian and Asian American families are choosing to keep their children […]

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  • 12 Asian-American Founders On Why The Beauty Industry Needs To Take A Stand Against Asian Hate

    Over the course of the last year, as Covid-19 has raged across the United States, an outbreak of different variety has plagued every corner of the country as well. While the pandemic has spared no one from its devastating effects on the economy, public health, and day-t0-day life, the Asian-American community has also experienced 12 […]

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  • COVID-19 is Taking a Devastating Toll on Filipino American Nurses

    Nearly a third of the nurses who’ve died of coronavirus in the US are Filipino, even though Filipino nurses make up just 4% of the nursing population nationwide. A recent report from the largest nurses’ union in the country revealed the disproportionate number of deaths. It’s a jarring statistic researchers are working to understand and a tragedy […]

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  • Anger and Fear as Asian American Seniors Targeted in Bay Area Attacks

    Business and civil rights groups in California are demanding action after a recent surge of xenophobic violence against Asian Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area left one person dead and others badly injured. The brazen, mostly daylight assaults have rattled nerves in communities ahead of Friday’s Lunar New Year holiday. Just last week in […]

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