• The Unexpected Toll Of Being Asian-American On Social Media During COVID-19

    Like everyone else, I charge my phone on my nightstand. Within minutes of waking, I reach for it and from the cozy warmth of my bed, I check my personal emails, respond to texts, look through my news alerts, dawdle over Instagram, and scroll through Facebook to see what’s been going on in my sphere […]

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  • COVID-19 and Advancing Asian American Recovery

    The experiences of Asian Americans in the United States have been marked by a basic contradiction.1 At 20 million strong—nearly 6 percent of the US population—they are a powerful economic force: nearly two million Asian American–owned small businesses generate $700 billion in annual GDP and employ around 3.5 million people.2 Asian Americans have been part of the country’s […]

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  • Asian Americans in San Francisco are dying at alarming rates from COVID-19: Racism is to blame

    SAN FRANCISCO – Mandy Rong was terrified her 12-year-old daughter had COVID-19. It was 2 a.m. and the young girl was hours into a fierce fever and a racking cough. She was weak and didn’t want to eat. What few medications were on hand had expired. She sipped warm water instead. “Mommy, why are my eyes on […]

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  • Why domestic violence calls are surging for Asian American women amid the pandemic

    The rise comes even as factors such as culture, racism, poverty and immigration status often make it harder for Asian American women to seek help. When the pandemic-related lockdowns started in March, staff at several Asian American domestic violence organizations watched with concern as a hush fell over their work. Clients who had previously told them of […]

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  • Lucy Liu To Star In Drama ‘Rosemead’ Based On L.A. Times Article ‘A Dying Mother’s Plan’

    EXCLUSIVE: Emmy-nominated actress Lucy Liu has signed on to star in the upcoming dramatic feature Rosemead directed by Eric Lin. Marilyn Fu (The Honor List, The Sisterhood of Night, Amazon Studios’s upcoming adaptation of 500 Words or Less) wrote the screenplay based on the award-winning Los Angeles Times article “A Dying Mother’s Plan” written by Frank Shyong. Based on a true story that took place in the […]

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  • Austin lends help as mental distress twice as high for Asian American-Pacific Islanders here

    AUSTIN (KXAN) — This week, the Austin City Council approved an agreement between the city and the Northwest Austin Universal Health Clinic to provide mental health services for the Asian-Pacific Islander community. The agreement consists of a $100,000 grant for the first 13 months followed by two 12-month extension options — each $100,000 — for a $300,000 […]

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  • America’s long history of scapegoating its Asian citizens

    Danny Satow was walking home from a stroll around her neighborhood in Federal Way, a suburb just south of Seattle, when a heavy object slammed into her chest. A car whizzed by and a disembodied voice yelled a racial slur against Chinese people. The car melted into the rush of traffic, and Danny leaned over to […]

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  • NYPD creates Asian Hate Crime Task Force after spike in anti-Asian attacks during Covid-19 pandemic

    The New York Police Department announced the creation of an Asian Hate Crime Task Force after an increase in racist attacks against Asian Americans during the Covid-19 pandemic, Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison told reporters Tuesday. Since March 21, there have been 21 reported anti-Asian hate crimes that have resulted in 17 arrests, according to […]

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  • Asian Americans Face Disproportionate Economic Insecurity Amid Pandemic, And Racism Plays A Role

    UCLA economist Paul Ong had heard about Asian American businesses dealing with discrimination and harrassment from customers since the early days of the pandemic. He’d watched President Donald Trump call COVID-19 the “China virus” and “kung flu.” “That affected people’s perspective. So what we started seeing is people harassing Asians….blaming them for the pandemic,” Ong […]

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